Export & import

We find out comprehensive service for export and import of items and services.

From handover to the delivery of items handed at the place determined by the client.

We have an individual approach to every contract based on the needs of the client and his customers.

We prefer a personal meeting with a client which will propose his ideas about the demanded product or service such as samples, photography or sketches together with the material specifications, bid price and quantity options.

In response to a specific inquiry specified like this, we will choose for the client a convenient manufacturing facility producing required products or an office providing demanded service.

We can also send samples to assess the quality.

Our employees are in constant contact with the manufacturer and supervise the timetable during the production.

Before handover of the containers with items to transport company, we carry out a quantitative and qualitative checking.

Our great advantage is the fact that in the most of the destination we operate, our employees have personal and family bonds to local people which give a very different attitude to producer regarding price, quality of products as well as services.

We employ local staff to communicate with manufacturing facilities and authorities. This model has been successful for years, particularly in Asia and South America.

We also have a topical access to unwritten information from a particular market.